What Is An Automated Crypto Bot Trading?

automated crypto trading bot

Automated crypto bot trading software is a tool to do your trading 24/7 365 days in a year.

There are different types of crypto trading bots but with this article, we will be discussing our own Programmable Matic-Bot.

What are the advantages of an automated crypto trading bot?

You Money Is In Your Exchanges And Access Are Limited To Spot Trade & Read Wallet

  • Some companies says they have an automated crypto trading bot with no possibility of losses and ask you to hand over your money so they can trade for you. Your money is now at risk in case something happens to them.

Very Inexpensive 24/7 Accurate Worker

  • The software tracks the price of the coin or token you set on our software and if your target price hits the coin or token bid price then the software execute the Buy or Sell order.

Bot Never Complains, Bot Never Takes A Day Off, Bot Never Get Sick

  • The software will work for you 27/7 365 days a year no matter if you are sick or on your day off and it will never ever complain.

You Don't Miss The DIP To Buy And You Don't Miss The UP To Sell

  • The software will not miss the Dips and Ups even while you are sleeping. This will give you the edge to take advantage of the Dips and Ups.

You Maximize Profits

  • Using a crypto bot maximizes your profits even when cryptocurrencies are just going up and down on a certain level.

You Reduce Loss

  • This also reduces your losses as you are buying the Dips and selling on Ups.

No Emotion Applied

  • With crypto trading bots there will be no emotion involved in any decision. When it hits the target price then the order will automatically execute.

What make Matic-Bot different from other automated crypto trading bots out there?

Maximize Fund Allocation For Buy Trade

  • Other software will tie up your funds on your buy order until the order get executed.
  • Our software will put the buy order when its almost going the hit the price and release it if it does not.
  • This would free up your funds for other coins or tokens that will hit your target price for you to buy a great position for that particular coin or token.

Configure Your Own Settings According To Your Liking

  • You can configure your settings depending on your risk tolerance. It is up to you what percentage you want to buy or sell your coins or tokens.

Automatically Detects Cryptos Trend

  • When crypto is going down our software will switch to your conservative settings and when it is going up, it will switch back to your aggressive settings.

Test Your Settings From Past Data To See The Viability

  • Our Simulator will show you from past data what settings would be most profitable.

What are the Exchanges I can trade with Matic-Bot?


Can I leave the crypto trading bot on its own?

There is no platform that can predict the future and how crypto will trade. It's a tool for you to trade when you can't like when you are sleeping or out working but it's not something that will think for you.

We suggest that you still monitor your crypto bot on a regular basis.

Will I always gain with my crypto bot?

No, crypto bots do not always win. If a company claims that, most likely they are just trying to get your money and it's a scammy company.

You will lose depending on how aggressive you are and how the cryptocurrencies are performing.

How much does an automated crypto trading bot cost?

Automated crypto trading bot platforms or systems usually cost from $50 per month to over $200 per month.

With Matic-Bot you can start with our starter plan which only costs $99.99 per year.

How to avoid crypto scams.

More sites are coming up with a crypto bot trading that has AI technology. They would ask you to get their packages worth $100 to $100,000 with a promise of making 1% or more per day.

Websites can access your Exchanges thru API (Application Protocol Interface) and you can also limit the access so these companies cannot make withdrawals from your account or make transfers to a different account.

Another thing to take note of is that on a $100 investment at 3% per day you are a millionaire in 14 months.

Also on a $100 investment at 1% per day, you will be a millionaire in 3 years.

And if you make 1% per day in 10 years you will have all the 40 trillion dollars circulated worldwide. Meaning you have all the US dollars printed and no other person possesses even $1 dollar.

Please be wise in your decisions and if it is too good to be true then it might not be.

automated crypto bot trading

Crypto Trading Bot Pros & Cons


More Efficient: Crypto trading bot trades are automated 24/7 saving you time in price checking and analysis. You can now take advantage of sudden Dips and Rise of price when you are sleeping or working and cannot be in front of a computer or cell phone.

Quick Reaction: Bots can send your trading orders faster than you can the moment the crypto coin or token hits your target price.

Simulator: Back-testing your strategy to get the best results on a particular coin or token is much easier to do.

No Emotions: You don't have to go back and forth in your buy or sell decision.   


Not Perfect: No system is perfect, at least not now. You still need to monitor your bot.

Expensive: Some crypto bots are expensive but not all so you need to choose which to implement. Their price is well worth the work that the bot does.

Control: You are losing some control as the bot will do all the trades for you. You only can keep the bot running, pause it or stop it totally.


Crypto bot can be a wonderful software to use to gain grounds on your crypto trading. As with anything in life, there are good things and bad things associated with it.

You need the weigh everything first before deciding to use a bot or not. Also even if you use a bot, don't forget that you still need to monitor it.

Though many had made money on bots, don't think you can just set and forget your automated crypto trading bot and start making millions.

By Jun Bulatao On April 03, 2023

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