According to so many Affiliate Marketing Surveys out there 95% of people venturing on Affiliate Marketers does not even make more than $100.00 per month. Meaning 19 out of 20 are Failing on this venture.

We at Page11 creator of MaticMinds does not accept these numbers. Let me explain why. Navy Seals is one of the hardest training in the World and it has 30% passing rate meaing 3 out of 4 will Fail. The US Marines also does have a hard training and the passing rate is 60% meaning 1 out of 3 will Fail.

Now I ask you this QUESTIONS:

  • If a teacher has a failure rate of 95%, is he/she a good teacher?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing harder than the hardest training in the World?
  • What are the problems in Affiliate Marketing that are creating these statistics?

MaticMinds is a system we have created to simplify Affiliate Marketing, eliminate techy stuff for you to start with Affiliate Marketing right away. Most of the people venturing on Affiliate Marketing does not have Programming background and when you purchase a thousand of dollars worth of training, this is the first thing that will hit you. Most people think they will be learning thing more on Marketing but it turns out more on Programming. With our system you will have access to all our "Fun Viral Interactive Funnels" which are built with SpinWheel, SlotMachine, ScratchCard, CrystallBall, SquareStop and more. Create your Funnels with ease and integrate them with an incentive program within minutes without any Programming skills.

Our views is the the Internet is suppose to make things easier and cheaper to achieve our goals in Affiliate Marketing without sacrficing quality. So with this in mind we build MaticMinds.

Our System


Our System works on any device you customers / clients have. We have developed our system to be responsive with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Easy to Use

Our System is Simple so you will have Ease of Use and speed up implementations of Marketing. You have have your Landing Pages within minutes of signing up.

We have several Landing Page / Funnels you can deploy right away for FREE. You can choose from SpinWheel, SlotMachine, ScratchCard, CrystallBall, SquareStop and more. You can implement 1 or even all of our Landing Page / Funnels.

You can implement Live Events Webinar and share it with your team. Your team's link is going to be promoted instead of your as they are they one who invited these visitors to your Live Event Webinar.

You can easily implement a Survey / Poll and let others help you promote what you are marketing.

Our Team

Adam Chamberlin
Hermes "Jun" Bulatao
Sarah Liz Bulatao