My story began when we started on 2012 where we started a Data Management Company that was making a good income and which had freed me on the 9-5 routine. I was able to go to the Philippines and back to the USA anytime I wanted and spent good times with my family.

When my wife got to the US trouble started coming. Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail have increased their spam system which made it hard for our clients to get in their Inbox reducing everybody's income.

The pandemic came and sales went down and most of our clients are barely surviving almost bringing our business to a halt. Finally barely surviving the pandemic and looking for another business that would be a backup to our main business, my wife was badly affected by the vaccine bringing her own body down to which she couldn't even get up on her bed on May 2022.

She was diagnosed with a rare disease called "Dermatomyositis" where she had all kinds of wounds on her head, back, elbows, fingers, and buttocks. Also lost all her strength barely able to move by herself.

For the next 2 years, we were in and out of the hospital with 4 days of Chemotherapy per month lasting 4-5 hours per session. Our appointments with the hospitals and doctors are back to back with a minimum of 10 days appointment each month.

I was blessed that God had prepared me before this so that I was able to take care of my wife on a full-time basis. During these troubled times, I was also searching for another business model that would help us continue our income without holding down our time.

I joined different businesses where I have seen a lot of problems. Most of them are selling their tutorials at a very high price and most of them are not producing what they have promised. It just makes sense as to why you would want to create competitions.

Then crypto came along and I remember encountering Bitcoin back in 2013 which I did not participate in due to being used as a criminal tools and which I thought the government would shut it down because printing your own money is illegal.

I encountered it again in 2020 and started wondering why it had not been shut down by the government and pursued my research. Now more informed I see that the government cannot simply shut it down due to how it is structured.

I delved into it and saw a lot of problems as it's not so easy to do and non-techy people would have a hard time learning this. Also, we saw that due to this painful learning process and the lack of support, people started going to companies that would make it easy for the ordinary Joe to put their money on crypto to just run away with their money.

When we joined some of this business we got tired so fast with their modus as we were losing credibility on people we influenced to go in. So, we decided to create our bot and called our group MaticMinds bringing the Modern Mindset.

Now another setback when we finally developed MaticBot crypto was going down so fast that no one wanted to touch it with a ten-foot pole. So we used these times to further develop our system to automate most and almost all the processes to cut expenses, test our commission system to avoid overpayment of the binary, and most of all run the trading to the few people that we convince to join us on these trying times.

Fast forward to today and almost all our members broke a minimum of 100% in the past year and now we can show results. After all, the results are way better than the hype that these other companies are doing.

We have a product that would help people generate income even if they do not sell our product and even if they decide not to learn anything about crypto. We are proud to introduce MaticBot from MaticMinds.

Our Guiding Principles Include:

To prove that we are not a scam you will have your money on your exchange, you will just give us access to trading but not transfer or withdrawals, keep you and your money together.

Full assistance in setting up your account and helping you through the problems you will encounter, stopping you from taking advantage of the wonderful benefits cryptocurrency brings to the world.

Eliminate most of the tasks and let MaticBot do the job 24/7 365 days a year at a very affordable price.

Eliminating all excuses why you cannot generate income in this industry as to start this will only cost you one very nice dinner.

Our Strategy:

As former US Marines, Adam and I set out to plan and execute a simple investment strategy using Cryptocurrency which the regular Joe can do.

We develop a trading bot that couples the concept of “dollar cost averaging” with accurate automated timing.

Our trading method reduces risk and captures gains in a way that allows the user to profit regardless of the directional moves of any chosen Crypto.

Matic Mind’s “MaticBot” was developed with the novice investor in mind. We teach our clients how to set up a Metamask account and use a dependable Crypto trading platform to see gains that average at least 5% monthly.

Although our clients can withdraw money from their account at any time, they can just allow it to grow and experience interest, compounded monthly. Over time, it’s a lot of money!

MaticBot can outperform the Stock Market, Real Estate, Hard assets, and any kind of 401k program, with minimal risk.

The Matic Minds Leadership Team also added a simple, profitable Binary Income program so users of the MaticBot might also profit from sharing Matic Minds with others.

Our Team

Adam Chamberlin
Hermes "Jun" Bulatao
Sarah Liz Bulatao