MaticMinds Privacy and Data Policy

Page11 Inc, a company with registered office in 5000 Almaden Drive, and the operator of the website (“MaticMinds“), hereby informs you of its principles for handling personal data. We consider it important that you understand what data we collect about you, what we need the data for, who we share it with, and how you can ask us to remove your data from our databases.
What information do we collect and why?
The information we collect about you depends on the MaticMinds services you are using.
  • Information about you. When you create an account with us or edit your profile, we obtain the following information from you: name and surname, email address, phone number, city and country of residence, IP address, gender, profile picture and the lines of business you are interested in and in which you operate. This information is essential to the basic function of our service, enabling you to build a network of contacts for your business.
  • Information about your connections. To enable you to communicate with other users of our services, we store data about who you are connected with and how you communicate with each other.
  • Information about your content. Our services enable you to share content about your business and your person through short status updates, business announcements and comments. We store this information so that we can provide it to other users of our services and website visitors.
  • Information relating to payment transactions. If you decide to make use of a paid function and make a payment, we will collect information about your transaction from you. This information includes your credit card number and other credit card information, billing address and contact details. This information is required to process the payment and comply with statutory accounting requirements, and is also used to identify fraudulent transactions.
In addition to the reasons already mentioned, all collected information is also used to ensure the security of our users, to track suspicious activities and to check compliance with our rules.
Your email address enables us to contact you if necessary to inform you of important changes and, if you have explicitly allowed us, to send you regular newsletters.
Where do we store your data?
Your personal data are safely stored at the following locations.
  • We are using the best technology and systems provided by Amazon Web Services.
How do we share this information?
Our services enable users to communicate with others and share information about themselves and their business activities. To provide these services, we share your information as follows.
  • Public information. The following information is publicly available to all visitors of our website: name and surname, profile picture, city and country of residence, information about the lines of business you are interested in and in which you operate, and your published status updates, business announcements and comments. This information is available to unregistered visitors as well, and is also available through on-line search engines.
  • Information shared with the users you are connected to. If you use our services to connect with other users (for example, by sending a partnership request or by accepting a request for connection), the following information will be shared with these users: email address, phone number, information as to whether you are active on the MaticMinds website right at that moment, private communication between you and the other user.
  • Information shared based on legal requests. We are entitled to share your data if we are asked to do so by authorities or institutions if such a procedure is required by law or based on a court order. We may also share information if this is necessary to ensure the safety of our users or to prevent and deal with fraud and other illegal activities.
Keep in mind that the information and content you share with us (for example statuses, comments, articles or private messages) can be shared by the people who see it with other people and companies (not only on our website but through any communication channel).
Facebook plug-in
You can create your account with us through your Facebook account operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. If you create an MaticMinds account and log in through your Facebook account, data about your activity is sent to Facebook. Facebook will obtain information about the action (registration, log-in). Such information includes the URL address, time, IP address and type of browser.
When you register through your Facebook account, we will get the following information from Facebook regarding your Facebook account based on your consent: name and surname, Facebook account ID, gender, email address, time zone and profile picture.
Likewise, Facebook will obtain information about your activity if you use a Facebook social plug-in located on our website (the “Like“ or “Share“ buttons).
Google plug-in
You can create your account with us through your Google account operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. If you create an MaticMinds account and log in through your Google account, data about your activity is sent to Google. Google will obtain information about the action (registration, log-in). Such information includes the URL address, time, IP address and type of on-line browser.
When you register through your Google account, we will get the following information from Google regarding your Google account based on your consent: name and surname, Google account ID, gender, email address, time zone and profile picture.
Change of owner
If the ownership of the MaticMinds website passes to another company, we may transfer the information about you to the new owner.
Analytical tools of third parties, on-line tracking
We use the Google Analytics tracking tools on our website. The providers of these tools can place their own measurement technologies (including cookies) on your browser and collect information about your visit, including the following data: device type, operating system, screen resolution, device ID, IP address, location of the device based on localization of the IP address, ISP provider and time and date of the visit. This information is used to improve our services and ensure stable availability of our website.
We do not share any data with the providers of these tools that could identify you (Personally Identifiable Information).
If you do not want Google Analytics to place cookies on your device, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:
All data about you, your device and the events associated with your visit are automatically deleted from the servers of the analytical tool providers at the latest 14 months after they were acquired. If you choose to delete your account, all the data associated with your visit to our website will be removed from Google Analytics.
How can you manage or delete any information about you?
You can manage the content and information you share when using our services in your account settings.
We store data for the amount of time necessary for the provision of our services.
You can delete your account at any time. You can cancel your account directly in Settings or by sending a request to The information about you and the content you posted on our site will then be deleted. If you have used a paid function and made a payment, we will keep the data identifying the payer according to the Act on Accounting even after the account is deleted for up to 10 years after the payment has been made.
You can request a complete overview of the information associated with your account at any time at the email address The overview will be available for download on your account within 30 days of receipt of the request.
Use of cookies
Cookies are small text files used to store information in web browsers. Cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information about computers and other devices. Other technologies, such as data storage in a web browser or a device, device identifiers, and other software are also used for these purposes. All these technologies are referred to here as cookies.
We use and store cookies on your device when you visit our website and use our services.
Why and how do we use cookies?
  • *To enable account log-in. We use cookies to verify that you are logged in to your account and to allow you to conveniently use our services without having to log in again. They also ensure the security of your account and your personal data.
  • *Website functions and services. Through cookies, we store some of your preference settings so you do not have to set them up again.
  • *Third party cookies. When visiting our website, cookies from partners who provide us with visitor analysis services (Google Analytics) can also be stored on your device to be able to serve you better.
Changing cookies settings
If you do not want us or our partners to store cookies on your device, you can block cookies directly in your browser settings. You can learn more about this setting in your browser or device help. Please keep in mind that if you block the use of cookies on our website, you will not be able to use your account with us.
Legal grounds for data processing
We collect and process personal data only to the extent necessary to operate our services and comply with the MaticMinds Terms of Use, and solely based on your consent – which you may revoke at any time. We also store personal data to the extent necessary to meet legal requirements.
Exercise of rights arising from the General Data Protection Regulation
Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access, change and delete your personal information. You can exercise these rights at any time in your account settings (opt out from email information, delete your account) or at the email address
How will you learn of changes to these Data Policy?
We will always inform you in advance of any changes to the Data Policy by email and in your account.
How can you contact us?
If you have any questions about our Privacy and Data Policy, you can contact us using the form available at email address.